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Journal News article with Anya Wallach
NY Metro Parents with Anya Wallach and Stagestruck
NY Metro Parents - 2015

Best Book For Your Budding Star

Fox News - 2012

Anya discusses the importance of bullying prevention with cast members of "The New Kid" tour, a musical that travels to schools.

"Our Story" - FutureHype Media

Learn what The Random Farms Kids' Theater is all about.

Newsday - 2012

A look behind the scenes at a Random Farms rehearsal and interview with Anya.

New York Times with Anya Wallach
Patent Trader with Anya Wallach
Broaday World article with Anya Wallach, Random Farms and Stagestruck
NY Metro Parents with Anya Wallach and Stagestruck
Teen Kids News - 2013
More on the "New Kid" tour, produced by Anya for The Random Farms Kids' Theater.
Huffington Post with Anya Wallach
Joural News with Anya Wallach
Journal News - 2006

Babes On Broadway

Fox News - 2012

Anya talks about community outreach with the "Kids Who Care."

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